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Dry Bulk, Break-Bulk Charterers and Brokers

Pak Shaheen Freighters have extended services to serve needs of bulk shipping be it Dry Bulk, Break Bulk or Neo-Bulk.

Courtesy to our in-house stevedoring and haulage set-up PSF combines shore and off-shore services under one umbrella to facilitate customers in cost savings and efficiency.

PSF through its network with vessel owners are able to carry any size and type of cargo in any size and type of vessel.

  • High-value Cargo Transportation
  • General Cargo Transportation
  • Temperature-Controlled Transportation
  • Hazardous Cargo Transportation
  • Fuel and Liquid Transportation
  • Cross Trade
  • Bonded Warehouse Storage
  • Faham
  • Faham
  • Faham

  • Faham
  • Faham
  • Faham
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